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New Alert from Covid 19 and the war

14 Nov

The sudden increase in cases of Covid 19, in the new variant that we posted here last week BQ.1, made the authorities issue a new alert, and at first complete the vaccination especially for those who did not take the second booster dose, according to data from state secretariats would be 68 million people.

The use of masks in closed environments is also recommended again, as well as good social distancing, especially in the elderly and immunosuppressed.

The curve still points to a low number throughout the country moving average above 8 thousand cases, among public people in Brazil, reporter Galvão Bueno and singer Joelma were diagnosed with Covid 19, there are also reports of hospitalization cases, although experts say that the subvariant is weaker than the previous ones.

According to Fiocruz, the states most affected by the new wave are the states of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Rio Grande do Sul and Amazonas, but there are already cases and practically all Brazilian states, abroad this wave had already been reported since October.

According to the area coordinator at Friocruz: “As laboratory data take longer to enter the system, it is expected that the number of cases in recent weeks will be greater than that observed in this update, and may even increase the number of states in such a situation. ”.

It is recommended to resume protective measures such as hand hygiene and use of a mask.

As we always post an overview of the war in Eastern Europe, whose concern grows with the arrival of winter, the important news of the week is the withdrawal of Russian troops in Kherson, but the difficulties of energy sources in Ukraine are increasing, after the Russian strategic bombings .

The idea of ​​some kind of agreement that could at least give a truce during the winter grows.



Apostasy, Heresies and the Future

11 Nov

Whenever an earthly power is in check, it is common to claim a divine power that would be above the human to justify heretical or apostate attitudes.

Human beliefs are also not excluded from this analysis, believing that there are magic formulas to solve historical and cultural problems of a people is a form of heresy, as social and economic studies are not limited to this topic, there is always a dose of empiricism. .

It is even joked among economists that economics is not an exact science, but entirely empirical, it is an adventure that can lead to great misunderstandings, it is not by chance that Karl Marx studied Adam Smith and David Ricardo, the greatest economists of his time and who were conservatives and thus what does not undergo studies are nothing more than social and human beliefs and heresies.

Apostasy goes to the empirical field of religions, where there are pre-established dogmas and doctrines and in order to modernize them false religions are created and which almost always, in rare cases, fall into social and human values ​​that have nothing or little relationship with faith.

In this week’s posts, we point out three apostasies, the human power that is confused with that of God, the financial values ​​that are confused with the values ​​of the one who wants to domesticate God in a specific locus, a temple or place, without considering his presence among men. , especially, those who are not in apostasies or heresies.

There is a last one related to power, common in our time, which is that of prophecies, which is a type of apostasy, Jesus when questioned said: “You do not know the hour or the day” (Mt 24:36), and even more so in a passage soon forward the parable that says that if the owner of the house went up what time the thief would come, Mt 24:43-44.

It is a fact that there are many false prophets, most of them, and there are rare and in fact authentic revelations, but we will only know at an “unexpected” hour, also in the time of Jesus, many called themselves the prophet, and John the Baptist who is the last and greatest of the prophets, said it was not him.

These are dark times and great changes, opportunists abound, but there is a true faith and hope in those who are in the true “locus” of the presence of Love among us.



Christianity and business

09 Nov

A society embodies values ​​in its form of organization, so a market-based society might imagine that everything is a market, including religion and politics, but it is not.

Politics must take care of the common good and religion must emphasize the spiritual aspects, it does not mean that humans do not exist, but transforming it into a commerce is to change its essence.

It is not about any specific religion or belief, all those that are commercialized end up confusing their true values ​​with those that modern society has incorporated, business, sale and exchange, in short, values ​​that are not those that in fact make an asceticism.

All religions are subject to this, all can turn into business, but there is nothing divine about it, its essence is just business and the ways to justify it.

Christianity is no different, there were no signs of wealth in Jesus, it is also true that he did not live an austere life, as was the case of John the Baptist, his precursor, they even said that he was a glutton and a drinker, he liked good food and left his memorial on a table (eucharist).

A biblical passage recalls that Jesus was revolted when he saw the commerce in a temple (2Cor 6,16) and made a whip of ropes to drive out “along with the sheep and the oxen; scattered the coins and overturned the tables of the money changers”, it is not by chance that these are the ones who cling to earthly power.

The best example of a disciple of Jesus and who is venerated in many religions was Francis of Assisi, son of a fabric millionaire, he decided for a humble life and full of sacrifices, and even Francis was a lover of nature and is also remembered for this.

A song by this great Christian character also says that he was a man of peace, and in the song there is a passage that says: “where there is hate, let me take love”, the world needs love.

We are approaching the end of the year, strange because it is a year of the World Cup for those who like football, but also the end of the year, that we can find peace and love again.



Theocide II: what is Christianity

08 Nov

An uprising against more conservative Christian forces has been part of it since the beginning of Modernity, not because of the reform that was a dispute between Christian conceptions of allying themselves with power and earthly values ​​and forgetting the word.

Theocide is the idea that we killed God, not that God died, and uprising is this futile attempt.

The first great uprising was to consider divine things among human things, and among them power, already in the biblical time of the old testament men wanted to have kings (as other peoples said) and not judges who were responsible for the Hebrew communities, and God

At the beginning of the New Testament, whose maximal word is “I am going to give you a new commandment, that you love one another” (Jn 13:34), the good news is announced to all peoples, and all peoples are called to it.

In modernity, in the field of liberalism, Christian doctrine was also undermined, many were the anticlerical movements, today the “illuminati” are remembered, which is nothing more than the enlightenment in the face of “superstitious” Christianity, the idea of ​​creating a rational religion and earthly, which gradually took hold of Western civilization.

Christian values ​​thus became more linked to conservatism, the conception of morality, family and nationality that survived Christian values ​​suffocated by rationalism and the conception of the “social contract” of the state: John Locke, Adam Smith and Robespierre represent the doctrine of modernity in different fields.

The current uprising consists of destroying what was left, a remnant of conservatism that resisted the attack on original Christian values: love, solidarity and peace, those who opportunistically allied themselves with certain forms of power are also part of the uprising.

What results from this is a house turned upside down, but it is also part of a tidying of the house, the apocalyptics only see the “end of times”, but the true Christian faith sees in everything the action of God and his power , unknown to humanity and part of Christianity, its power above human and earthly mishaps, human values and powers are temporal and not eternal.

The uprisings, which are actions in the spiritual field of values, shake humanity, but it is also submitted to the divine will, in the end it prevails.



New variant and the war in Europe

07 Nov

A new variant called BQ.1 circulates in the country, according to infectious disease specialist Alberto Chebabo, president of the Brazilian Society of Intectology, it is a variant of the omicron, and is “the same strain that circulates today in Europe and caused an increase in infections in countries like Germany and France”.

There are no changes in terms of symptoms, which continue to have, for most patients, the same symptoms as the previous ones: headache, cough, fever, sore throat, tiredness, loss of smell and taste.

A variant had already been found in Amazonas on October 20, according to the Fiocruz unit in the state, which reinforces that it is already circulating in the country.

The war in Europe continues, Russia has completed the enlistment of 300,000 soldiers for the war, keeps the city of Kherson in its domain with the withdrawal of inhabitants and knows that the winter will work in its favor.

The climate in Europe is getting colder, even though it is autumn, December is already very cold and the eve of Christmas officially begins winter, heating depends on gas and mainly Ukraine already faces energy problem due to war.

The United States is starting to pressure Ukraine to return to the table for a peace agreement, it will actually represent a truce, but it will allow for a less gloomy winter for Europe and for the economy that is already in crisis.

Who could act as a mediator is also a problem, at this point the pope is not a good answer, since it will take force to maintain some kind of agreement, Turkey that had been ready or the UN itself may be more suitable for the serious moment of conflict.

Ihis year is difficult speak Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. 


Happiness and values

04 Nov

Humanism in modernity was based on the separation between the subject and the objects, so all human subjectivity (it includes values ​​such as humility, compassion and tolerance, among others) is relegated to a sentimental plane and objectivity refers only to the which is material.

We post about humility, the humus from which life springs, tolerance for error from which forgiveness and change of course spring and from which the experience of each moment springs as if it were the last.

Happiness does not depend only on material things and not only psychologists who say this, doctors and some sociologists also defend the joy of living, in them there is real wisdom of life, apparently contradictory things such as happiness of the humble, of those who suffer, of those who hungers and thirsts for justice and for those who are persecuted for their beliefs and values.

In the biblical text, explaining that religion is a practice of values ​​that “reconnects” heaven and earth, so it is not from earth to heaven (a sublimation of values) nor from heaven to earth (as the spiritualists want), but of those who know and live the religious teachings, the greatest of them, Love.

This is what the biblical passage of the so-called “beatitudes” says (Mt 5:4-6): happy are the “afflicted, for they will be comforted, … the meek, for they will possess the earth.d those who hunger and thirst for justice, because will be satisfied” among other values ​​such as: happy those who are persecuted those who desire peace because they will be called children of God.

There is no contradiction between heaven and earth, it exists between those who are attached only to heaven (everything is on the subjective plane) or only to the earth (everything is on the plane of materiality), and the complement of the two depends on love, but also on hope and faith.

The Proclamation of the last happiness is indeed a beatitude, because few really have faith, says the passage (Mt 5,11-12) “Blessed are you, when they revile you and persecute you, and lyingly say all kinds of things. evil against you for my sake, rejoice and be glad, for your reward will be great in heaven.”



The mistake and the new way

03 Nov

Not everything that seems lost is in fact, it is always possible to get back on the path, a new breath, learning from the mistakes of the past, and we all make mistakes, but few are willing to resume a path and move on.

Those who are not willing should not be considered lost either, with patience and without prejudice it is possible to show that there is a path of serenity, solidarity and a happy life, empathy and patience are needed for this.

On the other hand, the conviction that one is on the right path can lead to mistaken dogmatisms (the dogma of faith, for example, must be the dogma of the merciful and not of the accusers), and also those who think they are right may be going for crooked affections, it is need dialogue.

If we are certain and convinced that our righteousness and clarity can help to find what is lost then we must have an empathic, patient and resilient attitude, in dark times radicalization is a bad advisor and can lead to greater losses than those thought lost. .

There is a biblical parable in the Gospel of Luke (Luke 15:4) that speaks of the lost sheep, that there is more joy in finding it than the flock that walks together, so launching the search for the distant, for the different is first of all wisdom and way.

The biblical parable says that there is more joy in heaven over one lost sheep that has been found than over a hundred that are already in the fold.

Also in another passage it is said that when he finds her he will take care of the wounds, treat them with food and provide conditions for recovery, so patience and empathy must remain present.

A hostile and violent environment does not favor meeting, but disagreement, hatred and this only leads to error and more lost paths.



Humility is special virtue

01 Nov

Brazilian dictionaries present humility, “the virtue with which we manifest the feeling of our weakness or of our little or no merit”, while the second considers it the “virtue characterized by the awareness of one’s own limitations”, or, “a feeling of weakness, inferiority, in relation to someone or something”, but weakness here is the way to overcome it and not simple unhappiness.

When we know what we are weak, we start to try to overcome by different paths from those that weakened us and so it is not by expressing pride or incomprehension that we will overcome what makes us fragile.

The word humility thus comes from humus, which means something that perishes to give life to the new, [and fertilization and seeds that die to give life, if it does not die, it will not bear fruit.

It is true that the concept in common sense has been misrepresented, for example, she is a “humble” person only in the sense of poverty or social fragility, but they are often people who struggle and who deserve all social respect, even if society as a whole don’t value it.

There is no personal growth without humility, it creates presumptuous and resentful people, people incapable of reflecting on error, on tolerance and on the difference of opinions and concepts.

So pride becomes arrogance, the idea that someone is something that in reality is not, we have already posted about ostentation, that person who has riches, but is poor in its use or in generosity with others.

Unbelief is pride, says the biblical verse (Mt 5:3): “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven”, having this type of humble means accepting divine wisdom, which surpasses all knowledge. human.



Resume the culture of life

31 Oct

All over the planet, there is an impasse between choosing aculture that advances peace and prosperity for all humanity, including all diversity, and a culture of hatred, war and adversity.

War is this perspective, to enter into that polarized us-against-them current, and the war in Ukraine and the nuclear danger must awaken humanity to greater risks than diversity, which is ultimately beneficial and helps reflection on the future and the humans values.

Between Putin’s threats, the takeover of the city of Kherson in Ukraine with the population expelled, the power blackouts and a new embargo on Ukraine’s grains, Putin gives a weak nod to the West and says he is not an enemy and able to live together, there are even suggestions of peace brokerage by the pope and possibilities of agreements, they are urgent because winter is coming in the north.

Europe is already feeling the strong crisis that is approaching, not being able to control the economy, the British Prime Minister Liz Truss resigned, who stayed in office for a short time, being replaced by Rishi Sunak, an Englishman of Indian origin, which in itself is already very interesting, although it belongs to the Conservative Party, it is a breath of diversity for the United Kingdom, as India’s exit from the British empire was painful in the time of Gandhi, who made the first peaceful colonial war.

The political scenario is moving, now almost all Latin America is turning to the left, entering Brazil in this scenario can bring great changes, however, it is first necessary to internally pacify the forces literally divided and in an uncivilized confrontation.

It is necessary to defend life, also in the aspect of health and emotional balance, a lot of poison was distilled with apparently peaceful and loving words, and this is the worst type of war, the one that is carried out with refinements of cynicism and hypocrisy.

It is time to really pacify the mood, to look to the future so that it is less gloomy and at the end of the year that is approaching, we return to wishing for peace, prosperity and health, which is lacking in current times.



Diversity and adversity

27 Oct

A society that lives in balance and serenity is one that admits diversity, see that adversity is precisely the denial of diversity, where differences can coexist.

It is not possible for the civilizing process and the public sphere to develop without diversity being accepted, harmonized in which all differences are respected, says Byung Chul Han: “Respect is the foundation of the public sphere. Where it disappears, it crumbles. The decadence of the public sphere and the growing lack of respect are conditioned.” Byung Chul Han No swarm” (Han, 2018, p. 12), which by the way is a reasoned and balanced critique of digital media.

Adversity is even worse when it comes from the powers that be, because having authority they should precisely oppose the hostile and hateful climate between differences, this does not mean that exactly they should curb exaggerations and abuses that powers have no legitimacy to have.

The public sphere has the right spaces and forums where those who feel that abuses may be committing, it is true, there are cases in which the desire to react is violence, one can enter a vicious circle in which it is often possible not to find the return, behold the wars.

So the ad-diversity school is the choice of conflict, hatred, dispute and death.

The greatest desire of sincere religion cannot be other than that space where there is peace, justice, harmony and respect for differences, difference is part of nature and in it human nature, one of the mistakes is not to be within the ecosystem , read Nature of Nature, we already made a post about this.

Jesus’ anguish when he saw the religious divided was greater than seeing his countrymen divided by the Roman Empire, greater than the theft and exploitation of the humble, we will come back to this tomorrow.

Diversity is a wealth for plurality, for dialogue, hatred and revenge are ad-diversity, the non-acceptance of what is not a mirror, the lack of respect and empathy.