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Viruses and aorgic mutations

31 Aug

Certainly or that we are a physical structure and DNA not always like this, also our relationship with differentiated diseases and viruses, “childhood” diseases such as measles, mumps and rubella become common and a triple vaccine has become mandatory, fighting these are more common for years that in indigenous tribes and a few could still be deadly, because their physical structures are different.

Certainly something like the inorganic world that influences the physical happens, it seems scary, more trivial to say that the physical world preceded its organic year, because its origin occurred in an aortic mutation.

Man did not always exist, attested by scientific studies that homo sapiens appeared in East Africa about 300 thousand years ago (Hubrin, Ben-Ncer, 2017), was the first one back in the eastern Mediterranean 100 thousand years ago (Khan, 2015) and 60,000 years ago it was to the west, it can be passed to China about 80,000 years ago (Sherwell, 2015), therefore due to variations in fighting, physical structure and tolerance to certain events, certainly due to dietary changes , climatic and also variations in the physical structure according to the adaptation to the environment, is also logical, of the primordial structure of man formed from the physical world.

Much research on viruses affecting our previously studied foramen, such as Mollivirus sibericum, classified as a “giant virus” because it can be seen under a simple optical microscope, too, or Pithovirus Sibericum was studied by a French team from the National Center for Scientific Research French, assimilated by an “evolution” and transformation of two viruses and how they historically affect or are the home of nature, because now more and more viruses appear with different characteristics, also an aortic change, so it can also affect a nature, a physical part of the planet and also a history.

In the conflict between reason and understanding, several authors have dealt with the aortic issue from aesthetic to physical analysis, for example, used these themes Schiller and Hölderling and appropriation here, to make inferences about the inorganic (virus is not an organism) and demonstrate that the organic totality (organic holism) is not prevalent over the inorganic (aortic holism), which supposes a regime of ataxia and disorder, as well as systemic holism, the supposed single discourse that invaded sociology, Dilthey’s fashion history ( Gadamer contests it) and the current polarization is nothing but systemic holism, idealism and pre-quantum physics.

By this theory of aorgic holism it can be assumed that not only can the human physical organic structure be modified, but even the structure of the planet, the retraction of activities, among them the thousands of daily trips by airplanes, the non use of Fossil fuels are already changing (for the better) the structure of seas and land, so the very structure of the planet may change, and nature as a whole will react, it may be a surprise, but nature will help us.



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Pandemic could worsen in Brazil

20 Apr

This last Sunday’s data, still under strong influence from the previous policy, gives an increase of 101% in the number of deaths, however you should remember (for this reason we said influence of the previous policy), that “at the time the exam is placed on the timeline , it needs to be placed on the date it was collected ”(Dr. Paulo Lotufo, USP), and this means a delay of 10 to 15 days, in addition to the infection taking more than 5 days to manifest.
Thus, the current policy, which even if dictated in an unclear way, is not to use social isolation, the fact of doing mass tests (it needs to see if there will be enough tests) means to see how much the society as a whole is being infected , gaining “immunity” (this has not yet been scientifically proven) and what “virus behavior” is in our environment, early winter and poor sanitary conditions. The health system’s responsiveness is running out, and the curve we see above still indicates far from a plateau (the number of deaths is not a projection, it is real), and still indicates a rise and there is no plateau in sight, the peak most experts say, is yet to come.
We defended #LockDown, if it comes now it will be a little late, and apparently the political climate is not favorable, the central government is against it (curiously there are those who defend military intervention, but political and not sanitary) and society feels apprehensive and insecure what can happen.
If there is an aggravation, it is not what we want because it implies lives, the response capacity is reduced, we started with preventive measures at the beginning of the pandemic, but we do not owe consequences to it, and we cannot loosen ahead of time, it will be a collapse.
Any sincere and humanistic person wants the best, wants everything to work out, but the risk of opening trade, when the number of deaths is still very high, is enormous, not very prudent.
We cannot pay to see, the cost will be high for lives and much more even economical.
It is comforting to see that in many countries that have taken tough measures, loosening can already begin to happen, do not forget that in the face of the crisis they have taken tough measures.


#LockDown now

06 Apr

We have entered a decisive week of the pandemic, especially in Brazil, but also in many parts of the world, contagion will reach poorer areas and countries, where sanitary conditions and the concentration of people can lead to the greatest human tragedy, but it is Easter week. and I have hope.
A huge #LockDown could have a fulminant effect against contagion and this would help fight the pandemic, network studies (in the sense of the relationship between two nodes, in this case it is the proximity of people) show that the network effect exists, and the only now appear in poor peoples.
The possibility of interrupting is to create clusters, isolated sectors of society and a single contact of the one node produces a viral effect.
Carl Latkin, in addition to being an eminent infectologist who works in Global health programs, is also one of the most productive researchers in Social Networks, our study of co-citations in Social Networks works demonstrated this (a PhD in progress), but a given important of this researcher is what shows the presence of HIV in African-American homosexuals.
This study carried out with a sample of 234 African American men, showed that the fact that they are in denser sexual networks, are more prone to contagion.
The analogy with COVID-19 is that peripheral populations are in denser population networks and the relationship within the family is stronger, as they are larger families, as we do not have time to do local sampling, beyond the quarantine period, we’re running a simulation and the risk is real, even the ministry team admits a Covid-19 explosion.
It turns out that workers supporting essential services: truck drivers, cleaning workers and assistants in medical centers, secretaries, etc. it comes from the periphery and displacement is already a problem, they ride on crowded buses and do not have the necessary hygiene conditions.
There is an urgent need for a #LockDown during this week of the end of Lent, not only can the holidays help, but a political attitude of frontal confrontation can help a lot.
Carl Latkin, Cui Yang, Karin Tobin, Typhanye Penniman, Jocelyn Patterson, Pilgrim Spikes, “Differences in the Social Networks of African American Men Who Have Sex With Men Only and Those Who Have Sex With Men and Women”, American Journal of Public Health 101, no. 10 (October 1, 2011): pp. e18-e23.


The world hacker attack

15 May

It is already the biggest worldwide attack, the numbers counted until WindowsUpdateSunday (14/05) already surpassed 200,000 infected computers in 150 countries, but like any digital virus there is no deadline for it to end unless the systems are permanently protected, because of this the update is so necessary.
The virus type ransonware, a malware that installs itself on your computer, encrypts all data and blocks them by requiring payment (in this case in bitcoins, digital currency) and does not allow you to access your own programs and data.
It was called by the Wanna Cry hackers themselves, considered a high-level malware distributed as Deep Web, and the information says that it was an adaptation of a US NCSA portlet (intelligence department) and this would be precisely to encrypt and capture data of citizens and businesses.
For those who have ease in using the Windows environment, going in settings you will find the Update and Security screen (Windows update) and must wait for the update that may take a while, but will also update Windows Defender, which in the current version already has the vaccine against this virus.
If the program does not fully upgrade, it is because your Windows is not original, so it means you will still not be safe.
However, researchers are not going to disclose the strategies, but they can basically be three: trace the historical origin of the attack, track where the current attacks are coming from, and unconventional mechanisms.

To verify the use of bitcoins, since they are pseudonyms (pseudo-currencies) that must be transformed into existing products or currencies to be rescued the values ​​of the hijacking of data made by the hackers.
It is increasingly important to keep data backups on cloud backups or an external hard drive.


WhatsApp falha e crimes acontecem

10 Sep

Uma falha detectada no dia em 21 de agosto, por usuários que alertaram o WhatsAppransonware que conseguiu só na seguinte um patch (remendo) para corrigir a falha.

A Check Point recomentou recomendou imediatamente aos usuários que atualizem suas versões para que o ajuste funcionasse, o aplicativo já tem hoje no mundo todo mais de de 900 milhões usuários, com 200 milhões também usando PCs.

Segundo a empresa, a vulnerabilidade foi desenvolvida a partir da versão para computadores do WhatsApp, que permitiu aos hackers distribuíram programas maliciosas com um tipo de vírus chamado ransomware – usados para “sequestrar” computadores e extorquir usuários por “resgate” de sua própria conta.

O aplicativo foi desenvolvido a partir de uma versão de programa de computador adaptado para o uso em telefones celulares ao redor do mundo, inclusive no Brasil, onde é o app mais usado para o envio de mensagens instantâneas.

O número de usuários globais em smartphones é de 900 milhões, com 200 milhões também usando PCs.

O programa entretanto não é seguro, é o que afirmou o especialista em segurança Mark James, da empresa ESET: “O Whatsapp é uma plataforma cruzada para o envio de mensagens instantâneas, então a chance de alguém abrir um vCard é bem grande”.

Todo cuidado é pouco, evitar cadastrar pessoas desconhecidas e cuidado com grupos onde muitas pessoas podem entrar sem critérios.



(Português) Mais de 5 milhões de senhas roubadas

17 Sep

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(Português) Falha do HeartBleed foi explorada pelo NSA

14 Apr

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(Português) Trocar senhas, falha em dispositivo

10 Apr

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Dados de site de compras são roubados

29 Apr

Sites de compras coletivas, de anúncios de descontos e vantagens são cada vez mais comum na Web, mas as preocupações com privacidade e segurança crescem, principalmente porque tendo um grande número concentrado de informações são alvo de crimes na internet.

O LivingSocial, maior concorrente do site de descontos Groupon, este muito conhecido no Brasil, teve suas senhas e dados roubados, totalizando quase 50 milhões de usuários, dos 70 milhões que possui.

LivingSocial, é um site americano coligado a, oferece muitos desconto nos Estados Unidos, Ásia, Europa e América Latina, e teve suas conta invadidas neste final de semana passado.

A informação, segundo o site AllThingsD, foi dada por um executivo da empresa a um funcionário, e este email tornou esta informação pública.

Segundo o AllThingsD, os ‘hackers’ roubaram nomes, datas de nascimento e senhas, entretanto parece que os números dos cartões de crédito ou outros dados financeiros não foram obtidos.


O domínio .com e um super ciberataque

02 Apr

O domínio .com comemorará 25 anos de existência dia 15 de março, a internet nascida no pentágono por preocupações com a comunicação no período da guerra fria, foi para as universidades e depois para o mundo comercial, com isto apareceram os domínios .

Existem 84 milhões de domínios comerciais com este prefixo, dos quais 19 milhões são empresariais, 4,3 milhões são orientados para o entretenimento, 3,1 milhões estão relacionados com finanças e 1,8 milhões são relativos a esportes em geral.
Só para comparar todos os domínios .br somam apenas 2 milhões.

Mas não tudo são flores e comemoração, um gigantesco ciberataque foi desencadeado semanas atrás, após o bloqueio de uma empresa que combate os spams e vírus: a Spamhaus que havia bloqueado servidores mantidos pelo Cyberbunker, empresa holandesa que abriga sites de qualquer tipo, excluindo apenas pornografia e terrorismo.

Spamhaus é uma instituição sem fins lucrativos que verifica os provedores de emails e filtra spams e outros conteúdos indesejados, para isto mantém uma lista de endereços e bases de dados de servidores conhecidos que possam ser usados para fins escusos na internet.

Sven Olaf Kamphuis, porta-voz da Cyberbynker, afirmou que Spamhaus está abusando de seu poder, e que não deveria decidir “o que acontece e o que não acontece na internet”.

Por outro lado o porta-voz da Spamhaus, Steve Linford, um executivo-chefe afirmou à BBC que a escala do ataque não tem precedentes: “Estamos sofrendo este ciberataque por ao menos uma semana, mas estamos funcionando, não conseguiram nos derrubar”.

É preciso sim empresas que mantenham um controle sobre o mau uso da internet, não quer dizer censura e muito menos manipulação política.