The sun can take a nap

29 Jul

That’s what he told Valentina Zharkova scientistOSol at the University of Northumbria, a National Meeting of Astronomy in Lladudno, Wales. 

Modern technology allows us to accurately predict solar cycles, and enough need Zharkova model indicates that solar output may drop by half between 2030 and 2040. 

For a long time it was believed that solar activity was due to a system of fluid turbines that moved into the sun, but Zharkova and his team found that are fluctuating magnetic waves in two layers of the Sun, and studying the data from these double wave is that her team made very accurate predictions.

The period when sunspots are rare, are Maunder Minimum calls, and it is believed that he was the last time between 1645 and 1715, the period were observed about 50 sunspots, while normal is 40,000. The era was marked by brutally cold temperatures that froze rivers in Europe and North America, reaching record temperatures below -40º (Celsius).

This could cause a global climate change, but Valentina in an interview with USA Today, disputed that link and emphasized that their research has touched on the possibility of climate change, only a cooler period.


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