Iceland vs England

24 Jun

This small Nordic country with little more than 300,000 inhabitants, hasIslandia already made a historic achievement is ranking in football for the second round and now faces England.
The vote that ended yesterday morning is a hard blow to the European Union (EU), but the English have little to celebrate, the British currency, the pound had one of its biggest falls, of course also affecting the eurozone, but will mainly affect the immigrations.
British goods will not suffer retaliation, this is for poor countries in the Arab world or in our Latin American countries and perhaps some of Africa, but the market certainly will impose some restrictions on British products, personally I will cheer for Iceland, but was a decision from the start of the cup, why?
Iceland, a country which was released in Denmark in the year 1944 had a constitution without the traditional Danish monarchy is parliamentary, but recently had one of its greatest crises, which made: punish fraud, left banks and fail companies and started the country first making its first constitution through social networks (see our post).
He did not understand why some people retain their opulent and immoral monarchies, was easy now they are unable to advance in the story, or wanting to book advance something of the past and lose much with this, immigration times a country close is very sad.
Iceland won another crowd, immigrants have to leave England, the Arabs who are stateless wandering seas, sometimes dying, and asking a shelter of some solidarity European country.
Iceland may lose but will have my now more vibrant crowd yet: Iceland !!!



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