TOM TOM go Brasil

03 May

The Tom Tom GPS is already famous all over Brazil, and already had TomToma version for many countries around the world now, now has come Tom Tom Go Brazil, at least for now free and better than Waze, because it works even if your phone is off -line and update all maps online without needing that: “update and gps”.
The application already works for Androids devices and is promising soon for brazilian HiPhones, and enters a direct competition with Waze, the popular application for transit here.
The driver can check the traffic conditions on various routes; know where speed radar in many cases identifying mobile speed radars, such as maximum speed of the route, but the most interesting option to download several diverse maps.
Although this is interesting, it gives some balls, for example, Ceará is in the Northeast region, but it is pointed as North, so to download make sure for sure in which region is according to Tom Tom.
It has interesting services like telling friends the arrival time, it will calculate and redo the schedule according to the traffic and stops, ideal for caronistas and people who love to stop for the snack.
Until July 13 (because of this date), the “Get Tom Tom GPS Navigation ‘application can be downloaded for free, after this date it will cost $ 1, about 3 brazilian reais.
The bad news is that after the testing period, the user has to pay US $ 15 a year to use the licenses of the maps, or it will be outdated, and it is unknown if the service can be cut.


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