City Recife has featured as a digital city

17 Oct

Recife had his Porto Digital launched in 2000 , especially in the magazines Wired and Bloomberg now has featured on BBC News, which still states that ” large international companies not met in Recife , but the steady growth of the hub … can be a salutary lesson . ”

After 13 years exporting products and services to the world , the center still has to overcome a barrier no amount of internet connections high speed can overcome , and according to the BBC News also geography .

The website of the British newspaper states that the distance between north and south remains, but that these investments can break this logic .

Now some technology companies in the Porto Digital , are opening offices in São Paulo as a way to expand, but to be the southern branch means that they will be commercially viable ( and available ) to potential customers , which still tend to be a little suspicious companies based Recife , explains the news .

Also according to the newspaper, Sergio Cavalcante , CEO of the Center for Recife Studies and PortoDigitalAdvanced Systems said : ” Truth be told , our market is not yet in Recife , not in our northern region’s in Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and abroad. We are sending our CEOs to São Paulo , in fact , but our 200 companies are developing and headquartered here in Recife . they are based here , “said the CEO of the company established in 1996, which is the largest business in the digital port .

The highlight of the Porto Digital Reef can be an inspiration for future regional disparities and national development prospects, which is not only agrarian.



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