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Pandemic´s time of the planet

17 May

The data observed by the Opera Mundi website, there you can see the pandemic numbers all over the world, show that in the pandemic cycles, despite the vaccination that according to the website reached 1.5 billion doses administered on Sunday night (if the world population is around 7.5 billion people) this means 20% of vaccination worldwide, of course it varies in many regions.

India for example, which is the worst case of Pandemic at the moment, is the third most vaccinated with more than 179 million doses, but has a population of almost 1.4 billion people and this gives 7% only vaccinated, well below the world average (above) of 20%. The number of deaths falls, but the number of infections grows.

Brazil with approximately 37 billion vaccines for at least the first dose (the number of more than 50 billion vaccines is added to the first with the second dose, which counts those who took the 2nd dose twice) also means a number below average, with a population of more than 200 million inhabitants (211 in the last estimate), this is 20%, which means on average, but the seriousness of the Pandemic still requires greater efforts.

The purchase of 100 million doses of Pfizer could make us optimistic, if it weren’t for October, and the value of 6.6 billion reais means this means 66 reais per dose, something around 10 euros or 9 pounds sterling in exchange current, expensive price and the vaccine requires special logistics because it must be kept at low temperature (dry ice, refrigerated transport, refrigerators, etc.).

All of this could make us optimistic, but the reality is not quite this, it is observed that even in countries where there was a sharp drop (England and Portugal for example) you cannot let your guard down because the world is a global village and even with few flights people circulate, and a case of infection, and there are new strains of the virus, can trigger the whole process again.

It is time for the planet, we can and we must take a planetary attitude, we have not yet done so, and even regulators, governments and health agencies still seem to fall short of the measures to be taken, for example, in the case of India and in the creation of protocols for travel, a global plan is required.

There is a fair concern that this is done exclusively by political and non-technical-sanitary criteria, which is a fact, but as politics has not helped, we can help politics with sanitary attitudes, in a current language: public health policy.

The campaign is simple and global: vaccine for everyone, global protocols in relation to types of vaccines, by age, type of comorbidity, equitable distribution (for example, reaching 20% vaccination in all countries as a target for this month), we could think 50% by July that it would be an audacious attempt, but doing the math: there will be the production of 3.5 billion doses by July counting all vaccines (we are already at 1.4 billion) does not seem an impossible number.

Vaccine for everyone !!! aid to poor countries and countries of major pandemic crisis.


Vaccination and dangers ahead

05 Apr

Official data from the On Data in World (in graphic) website indicate a total vaccination in Brazil of 10.2 million people up to 3 days ago, while the world average is at the level of 6.5% and in countries like France, Italy and Germany they are inexplicable. rate close to 11% (even the WHO complained).

Only Israel close to 60% and the United Kingdom close to 50% have acceptable rates, in Latin America only Chile reached 30% and Uruguay to 20%, but it should be noted that Chile has a much smaller population of 18 million (less than the city ​​of São Paulo), and Uruguay 3.5 million (slightly larger than Belo Horizonte if counting the cities Betim, Contagem that are neighboring), Brazil is close to 10% counting the first dose according to data from the same site (on Data in World ).

Two dangers strongly threaten the contamination rates: the new strain that spreads more quickly and the cold that should arrive soon, according to experts from Butantã in Sao Paulo, it is not possible to speed up the vaccine production process, but on the other hand, FioCruz in Rio de Janeiro promises to deliver 1 million daily doses, would arrive at the end of April with at least 40 million vaccinated with the first dose (this would be close to 20% of the population), and hope that the cold will delay, not counting the shipments that will come from the abroad and Butantã itself.

Fortunately the weather has been hot, despite cold fronts threatening in the south, the expectation for the next 15 days (until April 20, therefore), is to stay warm. although it is rainy, but there is no correct weather data, the forecasts are not always right.

It is hoped that a vaccination will be able to stop the successive increase of infections, we have broken several records of infection and deaths, and the aggressiveness of the new strain acts in these two aspects.

An innovative drug is announced on the market, and filed the order on Anvisa on March 30, it is a combination of monoclonal antibodies bamlanivimab and etesevimab that was developed by the pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly, and can help in mild cases and people who have respiratory problems , is the first drug really valid in prevention and in mild cases that have respiratory comorbidities, it can reach the market in 30 days.

This medicine has a powerful asset, since it has already been released by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the drug regulator in the USA, in short it is necessary to think of creative solutions and preventive measures cannot be ruled out, of course they are really valid.


It is serious, but there can be hope

29 Mar

While Europe is experiencing the 3rd. wave, the number of infected and the severity of the disease makes the pandemic a humanitarian crisis in Brazil, the hope is to increase the rate of vaccination.

In Europe, the president of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen recognizes that the bloc of the 27 member countries “is not where it wanted” with immunization, and said that efforts should accelerate, despite the 2 billion doses contracted, for a population of 450 million, rates are still below 10%, which is very little due to the effort already made.

While Italy, Germany and France vaccination 10.3% outside the block the United Kingdom has already reached 36.5%, in Brazil close to 13% have already received the first dose, the official data is 15,503,373 for the first dose, while 4,699,784 for the second dose, in a total of more than 20 million, but the rate of infection and mortality grows, if we think that 12.5 million have already had covid-19 it can be said that in number there is a small advantage.

However, it is not so, it would be necessary that half of the population already had the first dose, but looking at the most optimistic case, which is the 38% of the United Kingdom, we see that the way to go is great.

The hope comes from the two institutes that develop the vaccine in Brazil, Butantã in São Paulo and FioCruz in Rio de Janeiro, it is believed that people over 60 years of age may be vaccinating in April, this would lead to a rate of just over 20% in the month, not counting the external contracts that can increase this number a lot, reaching an optimistic rate of 35%.

This is because the promise of 57,179,258 doses fell to 47,329,258 doses, among which the number decreased are Pfizer and Oxford, but with the promise of vaccines coming from abroad this rate could reach the goal expected in May for 47 657 058 just below the plan.

The rate will only exceed that planned in the month of August where more than 82 million doses are expected instead of the planned 35 million, so only in September can a drop in infections and deaths be expected, the health system is expected in trouble to get there.

The hope remains the growth of vaccines available on the market.



Love and divine logic

26 Mar

Only those who are able to overcome the limits of pain, hatred and contempt can approach a divine love, it is necessary to overcome the dualistic logic of the struggle between good and evil, deo-logic is the one that always meets for good, what the Greeks called agathosyne, which comes from Agathon kindness in a high sense of spirit, and which is pursuit.

There is a third party included who walks with us.

Pain is often what hurts the soul the most, but it can also be the one that broadens it, in these moments of evolution of the pandemic crisis in the country, we face the most serious need to seek strength beyond sanitary measures, weak is true, but the The defense of life must continue in those who show solidarity with those affected by the virus.

Only by understanding this deeper sense of pain will we be able to embrace it, to have hope and to look to a future where we will no longer have to run after lost time, but prepare and anticipate ourselves to avoid even worse humanitarian crises, which may come.

There is always a third possibility and just as pain is a transition from one state to another, what can arise after much suffering is an even greater novelty, a leap in quality in what we are as men and as nature, and overcoming current stage.

Edgar Morin wrote in his recent book It is necessary to change the path: lessons from the coronavirus, in this sense as well: “The utopia of the best of all worlds must give way to the hope of a better world. Like every great crisis, like every great collective unhappiness, our planetary crisis awakens hope. ”

It can thus be better understood, both in the theological and philosophical sense, in a central passage of Jesus’ passion when on the cross he shouts (Mark 1,34): “. 34At three in the afternoon, Jesus cried out in a loud voice: – “Eloi, Eloi, lamá sabactâni?”, Which means: “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?”, Because it is in this pain that the human and the divine become merge, emerging a new reality of death and resurrection, yes God died say the philosophers, but there is a third included: after he rose, so you can understand the passage from death to life.

All this pain, this “great collective unhappiness” says Morin awakens hope, because it is indeed a passage, perhaps the most painful that humanity has gone through, even though we have had hateful wars, even though we have conflicts of a social, ethnic and religious nature, there is a feeling of pain.

All this pain will only make sense if we find another way of looking at it right there in front.



Urgent vaccines and lockdown in Brazil

22 Mar

We have entered a critical phase of the pandemic in Brazil, even the most economically advanced state is already showing signs of hospital exhaustion and there is already a threat of an ongoing humanitarian crisis.

Flight arrives 17h30  International Airport in Guarulhos, Brazil.

A slight hope comes from the consortium Covax Facility, led by the WHO, landed in Guarulhos, Greater São Paulo, 1,022,400 doses of immunizers yesterday, and there is a prospect of more than 42 million doses this year, is the AstraZeneca/Oxford vaccine, manufactured by SK Bioscience of South Korea, the same one manufactured by Fiocruz with a definitive registration by Anvisa (the Brazilian Health Surveillance Association).

AstraZeneca´s 8 million that will come from the Serum Institute of India will be delayed (only 2 million arrive).

But the Coronavac from Butatan made available 24.6 million doses of the vaccine for the whole country, the schedule until the end of April foresees 46 million doses, where will the missing ones come from?

Anvisa has already granted the definitive registration for the Pfizer vaccine, which authorizes its importation, but the immunizer is not yet available on Brazilian soil, with the extension of the lockdown extension, Ceará State signed a contract for the direct purchase of the Russian Sputnik V vaccine, the state wants to acquire 5.8 million doses of this vaccine.

The União Química laboratory has production rights for Sputnik V in Brazil, but Anvisa charges the delivery of data for emergency use, the data published in the scientific journal The Lancet, indicate that the effectiveness of this vaccine is 91%.

The government has signed a contract to purchase 100 million doses of Pfizer immunizers, and the remaining 38 million from Janssen, which, however, does not yet have a definitive registry.

Several reports and scientific data show that a combination of lockdown with vaccination is necessary, the success of the United Kingdom and Portugal, where the number of hospitalizations has dropped dramatically, while the rest of Europe is facing a 3rd. wave.

Although it is difficult, it is necessary to have hope for vaccination and not to slow down measures of social isolation in Brazil.



Give a “soul” to the Earth

18 Mar

The idea of giving the man of our time a planetary citizenship, we live in a time of globalization or globalization, and this implies rights, it will only be sustainable if in return this path also points to an earthly “soul” where everyone sees themselves as codependents among themselves, the pandemic should have sparked this, but not yet.

Says Chardin in the book we are analyzing: “the man of our time will still go through a period of great illusion, imagining that, having reached a better knowledge of himself and the world, he no longer needs Religion” (Chardin, 1958) and this gets worse when we see the night of God hanging over humanity, confused between ideologies and fundamentalisms.

He saw the imperative that “from universal evolution God emerges in our consciences”, and he saw that it was necessary to overcome “religion understood as a simple appeasement of our difficulties, nothing ‘opium’. Its real function is to sustain and stimulate the progress of Life”and note that the systems proposed against it have not been able to prove effective in this direction.

He explains that the religious function is “born of ´hominization´, and linked to it can only be continually with the Man himself”, and he will ask: “Isn´t this what we can verify in our life? When, in the Noosphere, was there a more urgent need to seek, to find a Faith, a Hope to give meaning, a soul to the immense organism that we built?

It implied that this process of hominization, as the highlight of the complexification of the Cosmos, its “more advanced” form is “personalized”, and it raises a double necessary condition for the future: to super-animate the Person (anima-soul and animation has the same etymological origin), but without destroying it, and a universal convergence “must still (eminently) have the quality of a Person”, we purposely invert, due to current events.

Chardin imagined that the person would grow up with this “super-anima” (here in the sense of the animation) but we see that the Person was in the background, or as most current existentialists prefer, the Being and the Being-with-the-Other, that should have evolved along with the super-anima, but it didn’t.

In the 1937 Beijing writings, he speculates about this human energy that drives so many advances and this “being-more” force in a more primitive and more savage form: the War.

He believed that the time will come when “those who triumph over the mysteries of Matter and Life” as opposed to being used for war, armies and fleets, “doubling this other power that the machine will make free, and an irresistible tide of energies available will lead to the most progressive circles in the Noosphere”.

As a first conclusion, the texts will still go ahead, he says: “Love, like thought, is always in full growth in the Noosphere. The excess of their energies in relation to the increasingly restricted needs of human propagation is becoming more flagrant every day”.

Chardin, T. (1958) Construire la Terre. Paris: Editions du Soleil.




LockDown of Brazil calamity and the P1 variant

08 Mar

We could have mitigated the most critical periods of the pandemic since the beginning of the pandemic with phases of lockdown and opening. However, it almost always faltered due to the unpopularity of the measure, mainly to trade and some environments that prioritize profits over lives, because several non-essential sectors they could have closed, not to mention the irresponsibility of parties and agglomerations for some kind of “party”.

Now almost every country in the red phase that indicates the exhaustion of hospitals and record numbers of contamination and deaths, we still hesitate in harsh but necessary measures.

The Brazilian variant of the virus, called P1, is more contagious and for which the Coronavac vaccine is even less effective, and AstraZeneca, which is more efficient, is still in the slow phase of vaccination, in total we have not yet vaccinated 10% of the population and the reduction of 8 million vaccines was announced by the government itself.

Countries that have increased vaccination efficiency have combined lockdown with vaccination, because vaccine contact with researchers at Imperial College London and the University of Leicester explains that contact between vaccinees and variants can give rise to “superpowering” mutations that are capable of circumvent the immunizing action, and this in Brazil can become a pandemic bomb.

The calamity in which almost all states and most cities are located, can put a little judgment in the minds of those who manage the crisis, not only the central government, but also the state governments and the mayors of Brazilian cities.

The P1 variant is already feared, many countries are already taking care of Brazilian migration, fearing that the variant will spread and contaminate the process that in many countries is already reducing the pandemic, it is sad for Brazil, but we must understand these measures as necessary.

It is true that some services cannot stop, there are essential services and they must be active so that there is no shortage, an even greater loss of purchasing power, some are already observed in everyone, but life precedes gains and they are necessary measures that guarantee the minimum sacrifice, especially to the poorest.

A tough measure is necessary and without it, even vaccination can be compromised, and it is also necessary to take care of the effectiveness against the P1 variant already present in most Brazilian cities.

It will be a tough week and we should all be more careful and understand if the authorities have to take restrictive measures, the scenario is practically a war.

It is almost impossible in the Brazilian context to ask for this, but it would be good to have greater and genuine solidarity to face the most critical moment of the pandemic.




Healing the Other

24 Feb

Gandhi affirmed that “one cannot hurt the other without hurting oneself”, but Carl Jung has an expanded recipe “the one who heals the other, heals himself”, in terms of the pandemic it is good to think about this, to take care of the distance, hygiene rules, etc.

Some say this will never happen to me, they are people with comorbidities, etc. yes they are in the risk group, but the pandemic now with the new strains has expanded the “risk group”, it can be said that the whole society is vulnerable.

And along with the pandemic, economies are collapsing, but the idealistic models are still there, we have the answer for so long, do not forget that they have already been tested, so it is not about this or that model, all current models are centered on “ economy ”as the center of any policy and not in the human being, this was even more valid in this crisis.

The Fukushima plant for example, there have been tremors in that region recently, it has shown new leaks, the water used to cool it will be poured into the sea and then it will go around the world now.

If we have other natural accidents, earthquakes are always happening here and there, and if they are close to other plants, and if another type of planetary crisis, other than the pandemic comes, and this is not just pessimism, it is a possibility that we all know exists .

Yes, now the problem is the disease, the source of the current blindness, it is also an extension of the cultural crisis and night of God, see the different types of religiosity that grows, the appeals and prophecies are not lacking everywhere, in my view some may to be true even, but this is not about this, but about asking how “healthy” life is going on the planet, and there comes the Other.

They said that the crisis was in the media, or in the networks, which is a very different thing, now they are the lifeline to keep in touch with the proper distance, time it wasn’t the cell phones that did this and why they don’t do it now, to keep companies and schools running , it is not so bad, the use yes.

Of course not, the loss of relationships does not depend on the means (the media) that we use, and putting ourselves in a network is even better, now it seems clearer to put ourselves first in front of those closest to us, take care of and take care of them, things that we remember being asked by our grandparents, who seemed closed and backward, but they knew what it meant to be close, to be loving and to be faithful.

Saving the economy even if people die, that is the foundation of a world where, at bottom, the economy that everyone was concerned about, maybe a minority really thought about the well-being and balance of life lived in essence, without luxury and with a certain “comfort”.

Remember that the Greek oeconomicus was about the domestic economy and agriculture, it is true that the economy has evolved a lot, but it shouldn’t have lost its origins, organizing people’s “domestic” economy and producing food, it seems essential in this crisis.

We don’t just have to heal ourselves, we need to heal and care for the other, so our medical heroes teach us, because the consequences will be for everyone, the discovery of this interdependence is healthy for a world that begins to close itself in authoritarian nationalisms and mentalities.


Coronavirus variants and release

15 Feb

While in the UK it is already confirmed that the vaccine does not work for the virus variants, called the Bristol variant and confirmed by the British government, British scientist Sharon Peacock broke the news on Thursday (11/2) that the variant it has already spread across the UK and will sweep the world, so the pandemic crisis is far from over.

AstraZeneca reported that it will take 9 months for the vaccine to be ready for this variant, together with the University of Oxford the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (FioCruz) participates in the production of the vaccine.

In Brazil, reports Agência Brasil, the presence of the P. variant has already been identified by FioCruz. in five other states, in addition to Amazonas, Pará, Paraíba, Roraima, Santa Catarina and São Paulo, the health secretariats of Bahia, Ceará and Pernambuco have also identified the variant.

According to the Bloomberg website the UK is already reaching 52 million vaccinated (the country has close to 67 million inhabitants), even so LockDown has not yet been relieved, it serves as a warning to other countries, it is likely to open gradually, and gradual measures should be taken, studied on a case-by-case basis.

It remains to be seen how the case of the variant will be thought of, from a peak of 52,000 cases in early February dropped to 13,000 on Saturday (02/13), but the British scientific community is intensively analyzing the case of the variant to take the measures of release.

In the world there is a drop to 410 thousand cases, it is a slow drop, but it is already possible to think that even with the variant there is a hope that the vaccine will work within the limits of effectiveness.

It is up to each to maintain the care and not to relax until the effects of the vaccine are felt.


Urgent: change thinking and teach to live

10 Feb

When we propose a model that is not that of the world of life, Husserl made a philosophy of it, his Lebenswelt, Habermas made it a sociology, Heidegger and Gadamer incorporate it in his thoughts, but the end that is life if not learning. But we didn´t learning from the pandemic. 
The central problem of seeking a “clearing” is that we create models too far from life, from its defense including nature, dignity and living itself, we are in a Yellow September, whose theme is none other than to say that it is worthwhile. It is worth living.
thought”.  We will have a clearing, but it will not last long, and we could start a big change now, then there may not be time.

Clinging to already outdated methods and models, logicists and neopositivists, it is not pointed out “the nature of knowledge, which itself contains the risk of error and illusion” (MORIN, 2015, p. 16).
The great complexity theorist proposes, first of all, a return to philosophy (in the sense of primary thinking) in its Socratic condition of dialogue, Aristotelian (in the sense among others, of the organization of information), Platonic (questioning of appearances), and even pre-Socratic (questioning the world, inserting knowledge in modern cosmology), finally cannot teach life without knowing that it has dilemmas, errors and options.
Morin, who could boast of wisdom by age, by intense intellectual activity, from the pedestal of those full of certainties, no doubt or misconceptions that we see parading through the gyms and public stands of devouring and unquestioning media.
Morin seeks to “conceive the instruments of a thought that is pertinent because it is complex” (Morin, 2015, p. 23), and we see the barbarism of dogma and little elaborated certainties.
Ready-made phrases, self-help manuals, (mainly economic) laissez-faire, rudeness, and ideological hysteria deepen today’s cultural, humanitarian, and social crisis.
It scares me that book readers are so sure with so little thought, in fact criticism of thought grows and the praise of ignorance seems to win any argument.
Morin encourages us and brings us to a still visible and possible future, his lecture at the Frontier of Thought (2016) (Conference in Brazil) is a hope and a deepening that sheds new light.

MORIN, Edgar: Ensinar a viver: manifesto para mudar a educação. Trad. Edgard de Assis Carvalho e Mariza Perassi Bosco. Porto Alegre: Sulina, 2015