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The Silicon War and the Hedgehog

16 Aug

We have already posted the power that Taiwan is in the production of chips, which are mostly produced from silicon, but the sand from which the silicon is taken comes from China, of course, and from other countries, but this depends on the transom of ships at sea ​​and this is China’s strategy.

The disproportion between population and troop strength is huge, China has 1.4 billion inhabitants while Taiwan has 24.5 million inhabitants, China’s military strength is over 2 million while Taiwan is close to 170,000, in this effective the smallest disproportion is for the navy of 240,000 for China and 40,000 for Taiwan.

Thus, Taiwan’s so-called “porcupine” strategy consists of counterattacking with painful thorns, that is, instead of acquiring expensive fighter jets and submarines, it deployed mobile and hidden defensive systems, with anti-aircraft and anti-ship missiles and these will be the “painful thorns”.

The sacrifice of civilian lives is inevitable, although condemnable by all kinds of war agreements, mistakes in strategy, wrong targets and even the hatred that wars generate end up reaching innocent people who barely understand the real reasons for wars and trade disputes. .

In any case, this would have a limited duration due to the disparity of forces, so they will need to act on other fronts: financial, commercial and informational (including cybernetics already underway).

While China plans to strangle and isolate the rebel island and Taipei perfects the porcupine strategy, the Americans are left in the ambiguity of trying to maintain good relations with China on the one hand and on the other hand not revealing the support they can give Taiwan in attack case, but analysts say it will.

The war in Ukraine is but a separate chapter in the ideological aspect of this issue, as Russia and China are political allies who want to destroy the forces of Western capitalism, although both have absorbed aspects of free enterprise.

There is a third force on this chessboard which are the Islamic countries, Turkey and Iran in particular, and they may represent an imbalance of forces that keeps the tension in a pre-World War II stage, where a full confrontation would lead to a nuclear crisis.

Are there forces for peace? Yes, but they seem weakened, the UN cannot play a mediating role and in some cases, such as amnesty international, there have also been ideological defections on both sides.

Humanity has always managed to get out of these civilizational snares and crises, at the moment it is difficult to find these answers, even thinkers like Edgar Morin or Peter Sloterdijk seem to be a collapse of world proportions, perhaps a force superior to what most men believe, something superhuman or supernatural.