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Humility and power

20 Dec

Polarizations and assertions of power are growing, this does not lead to symmetry, respect and goes in the opposite direction of humility, not that corny text typical of power, but that wisdom of those who know what they are and where they come from, the dust or humus, where the word comes from.

Humus is the Greek word that means earth and that updated in Portuguese became fertile land, from this same word the words “man” and “humanity” originate, and if it can be opposed to an idea of ​​power, on the other hand it is not opposite to the idea of ​​strength and wisdom.

For Hannah Arendt, power is inherent to any political community, but true leaders result from the human capacity to act together, under the consensus of all, and Byung Chul Han, who is a reader of Hannah Arendt, establishes that only symmetry where respect exists, which is the foundation of the public sphere, and where it disappears, it collapses, he writes in his book “The Swarm” which examines culture in the new social media.

Based on these recipes for power exercised in favor of and with the public sphere, it is possible to think of a power relationship with humility, true empowerment is not the exercise of force or even violence, but its suppression and the reestablishment of balance, dialogue and if possible, from consensus, true leaders seek this.

Yes, it is contrary to everything we are seeing and witnessing in the public sphere, the imposition of people, structures and ways of oppressing one part of the population in response to another that claims to be the owner of true privileges due to the violence suffered, however, that is, a vicious circle where violence is justified and perpetuated.

It is not by chance that wars grow with or without weapons, but considering that it is possible to subjugate the opposing group by this means is a delusion, since anyone who is subjected to some type of deprivation, without the humility that results from wisdom and fortress, will respond in kind and the principle of all war is exactly this.

We spoke in the previous post about matris in grêmio, generator of divine wisdom and strength, in the biblical text it says that the powerful looked at “the humility of his servant”, but even leaders and religious currents understand this “power” as the worldly one that oppresses the Other, which is the origin of so many apostasies and bad doctrines, not by chance end in abuse of power.

T he angel who announces the divinity of Mary’s conception (the name Conceição comes from there), is Gabriel which means fortress of God, in a society where arrogant, arrogant power predominates and which turns into dictatorial, it is understandable that the power of a fragile virgin and docile the divine will is incomprehensible, nothing more contrary to the oppressive false “power”.