Arquivo para September 25th, 2015

The subject´s way in logos

25 Sep

Throughout ancient man evolves in the myth reality, amid the ritual and HumanEthosculture of orality, tradition and customs were reproduced in the speech of oracles, prophets and schools of thought: pre-Socratic, Socratic, Platonic, Aristotelian, Stoics, etc.

The logo can be seen as a subject, but still dependent on the myth, the long road of mixed orality, writing is already present, but still as manuscript, rare books and difficulty of the multiplicity of languages ​​and reproduction in writing.

The unity of the myth is given through a long process of building the Logos, creating a culture that after the end of the Middle Ages and Renaissance comes down to the reason for the logos, was constructed subject and around the object, we live the crisis the reason the crisis of thought, not the Logos.

The thinking Logos is but the relationship of “unveiling” of aletheia humanity is but the return of man to “your address” to its ethos, home of being, not only of ethics.

The man of the Logos is made in the harmonization of life on the planet and the current crisis is but one aspect of this pursuit, the pursuit of “dwelling” of Being, its etho´s house.