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State and complexity of culture of the values

19 Oct

There was not the complexity of the contemporary world before the mass aCulturemedia and modern digital media, because in addition to the slowness that the process spread, it was also possible to control “culture” and “values”, as defined even today, as these concepts require a new look, at least of greater diversity.

As in other topics we define that complexity is an inheritance of biology, if we think of culture in these terms it is a living tissue where there is the cultivation of cells containing the appropriate nutrients and the propitious conditions of survival of that organism’s life.
We can articulate the complexity with the anthropological concept of Edward B. Tylor (quoted by Roque B. Laraia) as “all that complex that includes knowledge, beliefs, art, morals, law, customs and all other habits and capabilities acquired by man as a member of society. ”
What is defined as multicultural, inculturation or massification, is almost always based on some prejudice of the original cultures and their real values, I would say that there is some disrespect for the culture of “uncivilized” or “not evolved”
If it is a fact that has been promoted through the means of mass telecommunication, it is also a fact that the world view of diverse cultures allows us a greater respect and understanding of diversity, and that we do not mix or not understand the original culture.
Original culture is a very broad one that gives identity to a people, and any educational process that disregards it is in a way a massification, and a deconstruction of its values, but it is not reduced to the territorial space and this is often questionable , for example, the “pampas gauchos” on the borders of Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay and Argentina generally have a very close culture.
Arab cultures, Anglo-Saxon, Latin, but also those that transcend continental borders such as Islam, Judeo-Christian, Hinduism, Buddhism, are cultures that originate in a complexity that must be taken into account to social values.
The crisis of values ​​is in a way because the Enlightenment ideals of the Modern State overcame the cultural values ​​of the peoples where the “Spirit of Laws” was established and ignored what those peoples already had in their anthropological roots.