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Asceticism, spirituality and epoché

05 Mar

The asceticism that comes from the Greek acekesis which means “spiritual exercise”, and often it means renouncing pleasure and even some of the primary needs, for example, not eating and fasting, can be linked to spirituality or simply to some culture.

Epoché means the suspension of judgment, as already explained in phenomenology, it is a “putting in brackets”, which means abandoning even if I convince some concept or theory, in order to penetrate a phenomenon, and be aware of some “thing” that we investigate .

It could be a point of convergence between spirituality and knowledge, of course in an environment where this was conducive, and that each side there was prepared for a true “suspension of judgments”, which is rare, even more so in times of confused convictions. Supposing that it is possible, and the exercise that Husserl proposes, the Greeks did it to get to know, episteme and get out of the doxa, what are the necessary conditions for this realization, so to think of an exercise for this means to create an asceticism for “epoché”.

The phenomenological epoché for spiritual elevation can thus be extended, it is not a change from its true path through which it must find the Being creating a transcendental (or reflexive phenomenology, as Gethmann stated) and this Heidegger path has trodden deeper.

Turning to what is experienced, to the original, to the source, to the birth of what is as it is (turning to the thing as proposed by Husserl), constituting an elevation by exercise that has the consequence of personal knowledge, but is far of just being self-help.

Taking the human being and taking it into consideration is not only in the sense of accumulating new information, but becoming more Being, the new man as proposed by Husserl, freeing himself from the automated and immediate movement of daily life, from impulsive and little reflective.

There are many false acceses, which, because they are mere exercises, do not bring with them a spirituality or a form of self-knowledge in fact