Arquivo para February 14th, 2018

The crisis and the ashes

14 Feb

The economic, political and social crisis is worldwide, but the Brazilian has more of an ash asCinzasWednesday than carnival, but it is possible to survive in the crisis.

A suggestive and profound book is the book in partnership with Edgar Morin and Patrick Viveret: How to live in times of crisis? (Bertrand Brasil, 2013), who suggest in the book “I risk the hypothesis that perhaps we have reached a moment of rupture” (page 22), but what rupture?

Ortega y Gasset recalls, “we do not know what happens, and this is exactly what happens”, says this about the difficulty of relating facts, the digital revolution, the resurgence of nations (Armenian, Kurds, Croatians among many others), the great Asian tigers jumps, finally a great range of new relations, and now new tensions and wars in Africa.

The pragmatists, who do not know the complexity, want to be practical, ignore the theory or repeat only a single author, the illusion of a “universal” theory, what we need Morin and Viveret: “the present, the real is not what it seems stable … one must be open to the uncertain, to the unexpected. “(p.25).

But the authors ask: “What then, the good news? An awareness of the breadth, of the complexity, of a new beginning. We are in a period of planetary crisis and we do not know what will come of it; what counts on the possibility of transcending this crisis will be good news “(p.27).

Viveret writes in the chapter “What will we do in our lives,” stating that we should go out of the way to preserve the best “, but paradoxically” maintaining the lucidity that there is the worst “(p.44), does not seem to give a definitive solution, but we can find the best of “traditional societies and civilizations”, and we must know these civilizations.

Emphasize the author that “it is necessary to reappropriate democratically and semantically the words ‘value’ and ‘richness’ whose root reich (in German) refers to the creative power” (pages 60 and 61).

He also recalls Karl Polanyi, in his book “The Great Transformation”, “analyzes the market economies that are legitimate for market societies that are dangerous, that is, the moment when commodification invades the whole social universe . “(P.61). The author gives us as a remedy to leave the infernal pair “excitement / depression,” to move toward another pair: “intensity / serenity” (p.76).

They end the book by saying that it is “necessary to grow in humanity.”