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Alvin Toffler and the absence of utopia

01 Jul

He died last June 27 to 87, the writer and futurist Alvin Toffler,CasalTofler married with also also futurist writer Heide Toffler in 2003 wrote “Creating a New Civilization” (*) showing beyond the economic and structural aspects of the need a civilization prepared for this future.

The first major book of successful Alvin Toffler, I read in my youth and put a review on my blog the Future Shock was the first great publishing success.

But the biggest book influences which envisaged the internet and the intensive use of technology in business is the Third Wave, published in 1980 by Bantam Books, the book brought not only a utopia, a typical feature of all the work of Alvin Toffler, but one entered the rhetoric of great world leaders of the time who now quote him as a visionary.

The absence of utopia today, is due to trapping the decaying social structures, fear of the changes needed and already envisioned in the production process, both in urban and rural agribusiness industry and care for nature.

We are great critics of any change is proposed, but unable to leave the old ideological rancid, the concentrators structures of income and power, pointed the technology almost universally as responsible for what is there, and not the men who use them.

The book of Toffler’s wife, Heide is almost a historical overview of the various husband’s books, especially The third wave and War and Anti-War, and Powershift, the new where civilizing they say will change the relationship between employer and employee consumers and businesses, family models, government and within the current model where it remains private property, so little chance of a critical reading of socialists and no chance of reading between capitalists should the current ratio of income concentration.

* Toffler, Heidi. Creating a new civilization.  Turner Pub, 1995.