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Allez les Bleus?

24 Apr

The traditional French expression for his team to advance seems not to be the FrançaEleiçãoexpression of Sunday’s election, France where the revolution that brought modern world democracy seems made willing to retreat to a worrisome conservatism, go to second round Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron.

What is at stake now is French nationalism, historically already a bit strong, but now with the Arab emigration to Africa seems to be accentuated, while economist Macron is less nationalistic and will keep France in the Eurozone if this Leave the Euro and the idea of the United Europe begins to weaken.

One of the favorites for the second round, center-right Emmanuel Macron does not have security of support fr om the defeated right with François Fillon and left with Jean-Luc Mélenchon, according to the IFOP, the French opinion polls institute, about 26% Of voters say that their decision is not final, while the electors of Le Pen 85% have no doubt, so the ground of the ultra-right candidate is solid and promises to move forward.

Preliminaries made for Sunday’s first round election gave the National Front candidate numbers: among workers (43% would vote for her, twice as much as Macron, among young people (30% in the 25-34 age bracket) ) Among less educated people (33%) and rural areas (26%).

Where Marine Le Pen is less successful are: among university students (7%), students (9%), the population as a whole in Paris (9%) and among those over 64 (14%), such as the election of Trump is on the inside and on the less enlightened people that the ultra right goes on.Macron would win against any rivals, and Le Pen would also lose against Fillon and Mélenchon, just two defeats in the first round, which makes this second round highly disputed