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United world or war

25 Apr

The fact that we are experiencing a nationalist upheaval, Trump in the US andMisseis Brexit in the UK, now France as a real threat to break into this wave, could generate a potential global conflict, which is actually a counter to history that advances to some Form of global governance.
But the imminent danger of a conflict between the United States and North Korea sets a very dangerous precedent, as the forces must align and the reluctance of China and Russia in the conflict are worrisome.
It is contrary to history because since Adam Smith wrote “The Wealth of Nations,” in which the idea of ​​nations was progress, in countries like Italy the defense of national unity was important in overcoming political impasses, what we now have is Cynical reason, appealing for a term by Peter Sloterdijk.
Both regional integrations and the eurozone and attempts to integrate trade in Latin America are initiatives to increase the ease of trade and integration between peoples, if there is a tension between the West and the Arab world, the Arab Spring was still very poorly analyzed , Between west and east may be more serious, for cultural and economic reasons.
What is approaching with governments without credulity and without judgment, to say a clearer word, is a world that is heading for an irrational war while it should be on the way to integration, tolerance and respect for cultural diversity.