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Dialogy and the possible dialogue

31 Jul

The term was treated by Baktin and Martin Buber, and therefore can overcome ideological barriers linked to the first, was a Marxist, and religious linked to the second, who was a Jew interested in religious matters, but fundamentally an educator.

Finally we can remember Paulo Freire for whom dialogue was essential in the educational process, and thus verify that there is in human nature a possible way in contrasts, contrasts and clashes.
To explain this reliade, Buber come a way revealing that between a man and another, something called zwischenmenschlich (or among men or the inter-human), it the truth takes on a body and therefore real dimension.

In this sphere interhuman an essential characteristic is spontaneity, and it all looks or “deception” would be fatal in authentic dialogue the Other says as what it really is and is confirmed by their nature, and this becomes dialogical.

Buber for the modern man, is combining its existence in the unidirectional relationship between the Self (self ego) and a manipulable object (this), countered this a US-TU name of your book and for him “who lives only with This is not a man “(Buber, 1977, p. 39), but This can be anything” ideal “that is any” Something. ”

To Baktin, the world is peopled with voices of other people, and these voices are the words with the senses ‘statements’, I try every direction of the world through other people’s words, and this acquisition of speech is allowing me to purchase all the treasures of cultural (Baktin, 1969, p. 347).

As Buber also for him, the “I” exists only insofar as it is related to a “you” that “be means to communicate with,” and “I” is someone who goes to a “thou “and what happens between us, between” you “and” I “, is an event of” being, “a” “eventBeing “, an open dynamic fact that you have to question character and response at the same time.

BAJTÍN, M.M. Estética de la creación verbal [en ruso]. Moscú: Iskusstvo, 1979.


Manichaean and ambivalence: impossible dialogue

30 Jul

The reason modern society deepens the cultural and spiritual crisis,MauDialogo and it is the contemporary economics and politics and not separate these is that we are still cheering for both teams: the good of the team, we do not know who it is, and of evil, which are the “other side”, and in the end, those who suffer is society as a whole.

Manichaeism is the religious name for it, and the political ambivalence name, both its foundations and orthodoxies, are fighting the other side, and who fight alongside the men and women who lose rights, jobs and often their lives?

Manichaean was a philosopher of the third century of the Christian era, who followed Augustine of Hippo to convert, was dualistic religious syncretistic his doctrine originated in Persia and was widespread in the Roman Empire (AD III to IV AD), which is based on affirm the existence of a cosmic conflict between the kingdom of light (Good) and the shadow (evil).

This to say that matter and flesh in the realm of shadows, and say that the man was imposed a duty to help the Well of victory through ascetic practices.

Ambivalence is a concept already in the political aspect, runs various philosophers, but its most eminent thinker Zygmunt Bauman is, it means the simultaneous existence, and with the same intensity, two feelings or two ideas regarding the same thing and that They oppose each other.

The dialogy is just the opposite to these two moral reasoning, is put on the skin of the other, try to feel what another feels, contemporary philosophy that goes in this direction is Paul Ricoeur, Emmanuel Levinas and all the speaking of the Other.


The sun can take a nap

29 Jul

That’s what he told Valentina Zharkova scientistOSol at the University of Northumbria, a National Meeting of Astronomy in Lladudno, Wales. 

Modern technology allows us to accurately predict solar cycles, and enough need Zharkova model indicates that solar output may drop by half between 2030 and 2040. 

For a long time it was believed that solar activity was due to a system of fluid turbines that moved into the sun, but Zharkova and his team found that are fluctuating magnetic waves in two layers of the Sun, and studying the data from these double wave is that her team made very accurate predictions.

The period when sunspots are rare, are Maunder Minimum calls, and it is believed that he was the last time between 1645 and 1715, the period were observed about 50 sunspots, while normal is 40,000. The era was marked by brutally cold temperatures that froze rivers in Europe and North America, reaching record temperatures below -40º (Celsius).

This could cause a global climate change, but Valentina in an interview with USA Today, disputed that link and emphasized that their research has touched on the possibility of climate change, only a cooler period.


Big networking that is not digital

28 Jul

You can imagine that there is nothing more complex than a computer network, orMaersk even the global network which controls stock and currency exchange rates, plus a plethora of products that go up and down in price every day, but that’s not true, and some would say that we can’t get to build bigger.

There are very complex networks that you have no idea around. One of them was shown on The Verge, which are ships carrying door-containers all over the world, in a global supply chain that transports from tablets to phones, food clothing, toys and souvenirs, etc. And is a country that does not produce any of this, just carries: Maersk of Denmark.

See in the picture (original BBC) a ship Maersk a mega-port in Korea, for this we need a big engineering solution, unprecedented a logistics problem truly create astronomical this network all over the world, delivering products from different sources, validity and natures and do all this work.

The company your in 125 countries, has 25,000 employees, 345 offices and more than 600 active ships, with more than 2 million containers moved per year, and she alone is responsible for 20% of the GDP of Denmark.


Accessibility for all

27 Jul

How many facilities modern technology has Acessibilidadebrought, imagine now spend the day without using your smartphone with touch screen, or without being able to use the mouse. You could still do his job? That’s how many disabled people feel.

Accessibility Difficulties prevent millions of people to use a basic technology for business and pleasure, so it seems a good idea to build products that address these issues, ie make functional products for the disabled is already an afterthought, say a newscast of the Washington Post, but on thursday many companies announced a novelty.

Several companies, including Yahoo, Facebook, LinkedIn and Dropbox announced Thursday that they will develop a standard language that allows users known that will have new accessibility knowledge to get a job.

The move is part of a larger program called “Accessibility Education“: a joint effort between the disability advocates, schools and industries of the technology to make technology accessible to all from the beginning.

The initiative arose from discussions organizations were already using a technology forum created by the American Association of People with Disabilities (AAPD), where representatives meet regularly to talk about doing the most visible accessibility issues in the technology world .

A set of procedures for job description may still not seem like much, but sends a signal to prospective universities on knowledge of accessibility issues is a big deal, he told American newspaper, Henry Claypool, a consultant on disability issues and former -vice executive president of the AAPD.


And the financials drug starts killing

24 Jul

When a left-wing government adopts supposedly right measure can be twoBrazilCrisis things: despair or distemper, perhaps in our case is both. The government announced Wednesday (22/04) reduction of the fiscal target of 1.5% to 0.15 and this means that the crunch (reduced salary), unemployment and maxi-tax cost nothing. When the first effects of right-wing politics of Levy minister began to take effect, I wrote a post June 8 that the drug could kill the patient, and now we begin to see signs of necrosis, and means it can get worse, and now? Now the dollar shoots up, why? The answer is simple, high dollar means little cash outflow, cheapening of domestic products out there, but it means more crunch, expensive products internally and difficulties of traveling abroad, but the worst is the loss of credibility. The reaction was immediate, the Financial Times says that Brazil “seems an endless horror film” of course are concerned about the money put here, but this means the end of easy credit.


Technophobia and human advances

23 Jul

NaturezaDigital Since man is man the technology is part of nature and human social life, thus denying technological progress is also to deny a part of our being. Technophobia is a term that has come to be employed by the attempt to deny the human progress made from the current technology, since fictions like Frankenstein film (the first film based on the work of Mary Shelley, is Thomas Edison, 1910) to the work considered by many the founder of this mentality Brade Runner (1982 directed by Ridley Scott) to recent works as “Dumbest Generation” (Mark Bauerlein, 2008) or Nicholas Carr’s book “Surface Generation” (Brazilian translation is 2011) . The above books, as well as others have commented on this blog, but we want to penetrate into the deeper roots of this aversion to technology that grew up with digital advances, and the origin is historical. The philosopher Imnanuel Kant (1724 – 1804) was one of the pioneers of the method that separated beings and objects, in order to eliminate all the study of being, with his Suppere Aude catchphrase (dare to know) actually held a rupture between man and nature in the foreground, and subjects and objects in the background, as if they possessed free will and independent nature of man. Hence there would be a “material culture” would represent the passage of the “natural” for artificial “, this type of passage is generally understood among different ontological domains thus it is causal in nature and these phenomena are considered separate and distinct phenomena which govern the man’s life. Here’s anthropocentrism, or the centrality of man as “domineering” of nature, ecology and climate of today’s problems demonstrate the opposite. The man / nature dichotomy leads us to a third aspect, in understanding what are the techniques, but also on the social and the cultural in general. This contrast is not understood between elements, so Man and Nature express an abstract idea such wholes is the idealism of the resource, and for this reason are ontological can form a system where the total Being lives.


9 things that people make productive

22 Jul

I Always found weird for waking up at. 5 o´clock, and feel compelledDormindo to read, then write this blog and later walk (no Always), anf finally play or meditat, whatever. Discovered on TechRunch tecnology magazine, that the brain has the maximum performance 2 to 4 hour after waking up, and usually after its good writing, as in the article of Dan Ariely, incredible I make this. Take a NAP from 1 to 2 hour after 1 pm in the afternoon is the fourth smart thing indicated there. As the author I dont´t like eating out, he likes to read on Kindle, I clean the exterior and the interior appears to reduce the stress, it is true, but throw thing forces do little, with the garbage and some things that have lost validity, but I dont´t Always. The are bo books about currente things on the Web is need to look far, na exit, the author, sometimes I do is alternating read a newspaper, watch a morning News channel and view News in the Web. I go to meeting with frieds, but actually, it´s in the luch I beat the baggies and where the best subjets, sometimes in coffee or dinner at the University. Know how to use the phone and use 2 to 4 lines of e-mails, very clever lines, this is what I do, of course, unless you require a longer conversation, in this case the celll. Finally as the article says, we are a sum of experiences, learn take advantage of them as much as half, as professional, not Always all utility, in article he said “A good experience for me is where I meet with friends, where I learn something new, where learn something new I can increase my freedom”.


Defining moment for the climate

21 Jul

The cop21, conference from Paris to the climate will be a turning cop21point for the planet.

It is what they are convinced thousands of activists and non-governmental organizations fighting against deforestation, the disregard for forest peoples and especially the limitation of social actions that harm the climate around the globe.

For many scientists to predict the effect from 2020 is disaster, and the agreement of Paris can drive all efforts to contain emissions of greenhouse gases that have damaged the climate balance of the planet.

The climatic imbalance of the planet has been observed that drought, the frightening levels of melting at the poles, floods and torrential storms becoming more common, beyond the worrying rise in sea levels.

The UN goal, and the Conference of Paris may uphold, it is that for the next few years is to limit the rise of global warming by up to 2 ° C, ie pre-industrial levels.

Scientists say that, to continue the current growth levels, the Earth’s climate may collapse.

The realization of the Climate Conference will be between November 30 and December 11, 2015, with the participation of 50 thousand people from 95 nations


The climate and urgent changes

20 Jul

The Paris conference the end of the year should moveClimate towards a new civilization level, and many social forces are mobilized for this, we are indicating a serious striking reports in recent studies on climate issues.

A shocking report was that of Health and Climate Change: Policy responses to protect public health” by a group of European academics and Chinese who were registered to a 2009 report in The Lancet, showing the public health impacts of expected changes climate (see the vídeo).

The study points to the vector-borne diseases, as well as the challenges of malnutrition, reaching to affect mental health.

The authors discuss how that countries are moving away from energy-intensive carbon technologies can improve public health today by reducing other types of air pollution, including particulate matter (PM) and nitrogen oxides (NO x).

The core of the discussion lies, the stronger is the use of energy technologies that produce greenhouse gases also often produce these other air pollutants simultaneously, cases of vehicles with diesel and gasoline, the use of coal plants, biomass (eg, wood and coal) used in industrial processes (e.g., mining, smelting and cement manufacturing) all produce as much carbon dioxide and particulate material.

The study also shows the economic figures, which are sometimes the only sensitive to many governments and financial agents.