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Why did they kill Jesus?

14 Apr

Speculation about the existence of the “historical” figure of Jesus does not withstand historical SantaCeiaanalysis, the Census conducted at the birth of Jesus, the coincidence with the Jewish Passover period (the Jewish years count continues to be the old), the fact that it resurrected On the third day, may be questionable, but the very pursuit of his body to this day is a historical proof.

The fact that they did not find his body now makes skeptics claim their non-existence, post-truth time.

But because they killed him, he remembers who killed him, because we know the motives.

Jews killed by stoning, beheading or beheading, crucifixion was unknown and Roman method, which was for political reasons, and the release of one prisoner and the crucifixion of another was a way to “please” the Jews, who preferred to release Barabbas.

The Jewish (and Jewish) chiefs had mistrust because Jesus “violated” Jewish laws as “working” on the Sabbath, in fact healed and proclaimed “king” of the Jews, and repudiated Pilate’s power when he questioned whether he was King, thus phrases “king of the Jews” above the crucifix was a Roman irony, since the Jews wanted the platelet to be withdrawn.

So Jesus was killed for political reasons, and despite the jealousy of the Jewish leaders and Pilate’s washing of his hands, it was the Roman Empire that arrested him, tortured him, and placed him on a cross.
The fact that coincided with the Jewish Passover on the other hand, has religious significance, for the Jews was a passage, which comes from the Jewish origin of the word Pesaḥ or Pesach, that the Jews celebrate the departure of Egyptian slavery and the arrival in the holy land.
The rites have been adapted, but it is important to know that the famous supper of Jesus (the picture of Da Vinci) and Easter itself are festivals of Jewish origin, and the cup of Elijah which Jesus picks up to drink the wine, was the chalice destined To the Messiah, and the disciples understood when he made this gesture.
Good Friday, however, is the fundamental part of the passage, for the death and the cry of the Son of God, who on the cross no longer calls the Father, but says “My God, My God, because you forsook me”, its not Father but God.

The mystic Chiara Lubich offer a key of reading this named “Jesus Abandoned”, is the true God and true man, there he merges with humanity, the historical Jesus, in this right time for humanity is united to Father by suffer of Jesus.


Finititude, pain and transubstantiation

13 Apr

We have already affirmed that the whole path made Gadamer has elements toEucaristiaUniverso conclude that experience is the awareness of human finiteness itself and of limitations, and we quote Aeschylus’ classic reference which is quite illustrative: “to learn from suffering,” that is, In a painful way, man becomes aware of his separation from the divinity and temporality of his existence, but what is existence as spirit and biological matter?
To deal with nature, we have already said it implies differentiating the natural from the cultural, but if we think about the meaning of astrophysics and the formation of the cosmos and the planets, we will arrive where? When the first organic substance was formed, and how it came out of the nature of chemical compounds, rocks and cosmic dust.
It is known that water was an important element, but the first organic compound certainly originated from gases acting on some inorganic body, that is, somehow the first “substance” occurred, that is, an organic life formed from Of the inorganic.
But the opposite would be possible, an organic substance turn into inorganic, yes it is what happens to death, we can think of the pain as little announcements of a death of something organic in our organism that ceases to have a functionally correct form.
But transubstantiation is something more mysterious and profound, it would be consciously an organic Being to become an inorganic, and in the case of the early Christian mystic, the piece of unleavened bread, this comes from the Feast of Unleavened Bread made by the Jews from Moses until Our day in which the Eucharist means the transformation of the body and blood of Jesus into consecrated wafer, food for the disconnected soul of the cosmos, in this mystery, its reconnection with the cosmos, and therefore the true religation and thus essence of this “religion” Which is religare.
His feast is made on Holy Thursday, but transubstantiation is the feast of the whole cosmos, for at some point in history the sacred “body” has become a universe, and now this body becomes a piece of bread, a “Transubstantiation” that returns us to the whole universe


Effective historical consciousness, pain and the Other

12 Apr

In this sense, we speak of an inversion of consciousness, but Ooutroconsciousness in Hegel and in all Enlightenment, it follows that experience is translated into a dialectical movement of consciousness with itself. In the last instance, in absolute knowledge one perceives Identity of subject and object, but in the logic of fusion and not the distinction between subject and object. This removes all possibility and legitimacy from experience, since man has to be in the very content to accept it and the consciousness to acquire certainty of itself;

In Gadamer’s logic, “the essence of experience is here thought from the beginning, from something in which experience is already overcome.

For experience itself can never be science, “in addition, Heidegger warns that Hegel does not think of experience as a dialectic; On the contrary, visualizes the dialectic from experience, it would be said that it is not the consciousness of the world, but the world of consciousness.

If from experience one never makes science because there is “an insurmountable opposition to knowledge and to that teaching flowing from a theoretical or technical knowledge,” object of several studies of ours, because one always faces an opening for other experiences. One must accept the fact that certainties and dogmas do not last forever and are subject to change. The only plausible certainty is impossibility of knowing everything.

The more experienced an individual is, the more awareness he has of the infinite possibilities of the human being and the more he is aware of his Being.

Thus the path made Gadamer possesses elements to conclude that experience is the consciousness of one’s own human finitude and limitations, a reference to classical philosophy, in Aeschylus is quite illustrative: “to learn by suffering”, that is, painfully, the Man becomes aware of his separation from the divinity and temporality of his existence. Every experience, no matter how consumed or exhausted, always constitutes openness. Not even man has an essence. Being means a power to be itself, because it has the characteristics of indefinition and the infinite possibilities. In this way, it becomes incoherent to speak of experience in the teleological sense, as Husserl and Bacon, and Hegel’s deformed form.

Tradition has to reach experience, just as language is complementary and from it comes speech, which is a you, you must differentiate your experience from truly hermeneutic experience, see works by Paul Ricoeur and Emmanuel Lévinas, while the first Can take place in the form of knowledge of persons, making you an object of analysis, or recognizing it as a person, but still remains with reference to the interpreter itself, hermeneutics allows the other as an interpreter is therefore a step forward in knowledge Of truth.

The hermeneutic experience is one that assumes the consciousness of the actual history. Tradition has to be truly understood as a you. All otherness has something to say and its condition of another must be respected. Pretensions or preconceptions can not be imposed. The opening occurs in a mutual way, that is, between those who “listen” and those who “speak something”, even with the possibility that it is contrary to the interpreter, according to Gadamer.


The actual consciousness and the question of experience

11 Apr

The actual consciousness is the recognition that it is structured in the form ConscienciaefeitualEn of experience in Gadamer, but it is necessary to understand the hermeneutic experience, especially since it is a concept of difficult understanding, because the overvaluation of scientific knowledge, notably in the nineteenth century, Led to a distortion of its real value.

In the scientific point of view, experience is all that can be repeated by whoever wishes at any time, that is, it is fundamentally linked to an objectifying “path” of knowledge, sometimes called practice, but which practice? . Gadamer was to revisit just what various philosophical nuances understand by scientific truth and method, it is not a conclusion just a “unveiling.”

For Francis Bacon, all knowledge should come from experience. It was in this way somewhat unpretentious to face the experience that later came to a valid generalization until it was opposed, proposing the interpretatio natura, a way of “gradual access to true and sustainable generalities” and that later it was systematized and became “method “By Hume, considered the father (perhaps the grandfather) of empiricism, so through the observation of nature, the inductive method allows access to the general, raised to this category after the rational organization of the data obtained and the proof of the hypotheses, but Empiricism has also generated contradictions.

Husserl attempted to get rid of this experience bias of the linkage with the science of all experimentation, claiming that it occurs in the world of life, therefore, it predates its idealization. Here in the sense of Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason, which tried to reconcile rationalism and empiricism. As we know, inspired by Descartes, the phenomenon was something that showed “repudiation by the empirical sciences”, which denotes the lack of appreciation for the experiences trying to make all interpretation by “reason”. If only that which is evident in consciousness can be true, surely the senses lead to deception. However, Husserl remained attached to what he wanted to free himself, but Heidegger and Gadamer took the necessary steps.

Gadamer objected to the objection of simplifying the process of producing experience by focusing on its relation to science and to the formation of concepts. The process of experience truly takes place on its negative side, that is, it deconstructs generalities and typicities, does not correspond to expectations, as it affirms in Truth and Method “the negativity of experience has, therefore, a particular productive meaning. It is not simply a deception that becomes visible and, consequently, a correction, but what is acquired is a comprehensive knowledge. “

The negative sense of experience and the constant openness to new possibilities lead to the dialectic, a question which Hegel elaborated, for which experience is a manifestation of skepticism, but an experience is rewritten according to the maxim of Heraclitus of Ephesus: “you can not pass The same river twice, the waters run over you.”


(Português) A lógica da guerra contra o mundo

10 Apr

Sorry, this entry is only available in Brazilian Portuguese.


To leading wisdom and to master

07 Apr

The Greek word Paidagogos is formed by the word paidós (child) andJesusEoJumentinho agogos (conductor).

It was usually the work of the slave that took the child or young person to the formation, which derived in the same root word, meaning to give intellectual and cultural formation (Paidéia).

So pedagogy is linked to the act of leading from knowing, to leading wisdom and to master.

It should also be the driving of ways to bring the individual to knowledge, but it is not because the driver already owns knowledge and does not lead to the masters, to those who have built the knowledge, usually ignored or seen as “theorists”.

The Bible also shows a didactic example. When Jesus entered Jerusalem, he sent for a donkey to mount, he had no cavalry and pompous at his entrance although the people greeted him with branches of trees. This is the origin of Palm Sunday.

Many religious people today, instead of considering themselves a “donkey” who leads the master, put him in the place and want to reduce the wisdom of the master to his limited knowledge.

The reduction of knowledge, the so-called reductionism, the specialization of knowledge, knowing one area we want to be “wise” in several others, and especially the vulgarization of knowledge that humanity has already produced makes the colt a pseudo-wise, arrogant and vain. The Renaissance in the average idea was a resumption of antiquity, what will be the resumption of modernity lost in prejudices and reductions?


Youtube and problems with advertisement

06 Apr

Maybe you do not know, but it is possible to add values to your video on youtubeYoutubeCrisis by accessing an instruction called “Monetization”, it is possible to do this and the following will appear:

If you’ve enabled monetization on your YouTube channel, you’ll see one of the following monetization icons next to the video. Use the troubleshooter to get help with monetization issues. “

Some brands have begun to reduce and even ban advertisements with Youtube, due to the association of advertisements and unwanted trademarks in the video channel but famous of the Web.

It all started with the Marks & Spencer supermarket chain (the English play “Max expensive”, the most expensive prices), then came to Audi, L’Oreal, Volkswagen, Toyota, McDonald’s and Lloyds, HSBC (a saint with corruption) and RBS, as well as customers of Havas Group UK, and has spread all over the world.

The reason is the improper association with advertisements that companies do not support, as advertisements are simply placed next to each other, the association has become very common and the tool has lost many customers, it is estimated that more than 250 Around the globe.
According to the British newspaper The Times, the main reason was the connection to companies promoting extremist videos in political and religious content, which provoked tension between advertisers.
Google, which bought the tool years ago, tried to react by saying it accepted the challenge of trying to avoid these content associations, said in a speech, Google’s chief executive in Europe, Matt Brittin, at the Advertising Week Europe Event.

We regret that something like this has occurred. We do not want to let go and take responsibility, “he said at the very beginning of his talk.”
Google said it was investing millions of dollars to avoid “bad publicity,” but the harm to businesses, and to the public is already accounted for.


Chinese revolution solar panel

05 Apr

Two Chinese universities have created, according to the EFE agency, solar panels thatPainelSolar run with rain or fog, even at night time, the news was published in the official Chinese newspaper Diário do Povo.

According to Professor Tang Qunwei of the Oceanic University of China, the main responsible for the project: “The goal is to increase the efficiency of converting direct light until it returns to have more, generating enough energy in low light conditions such as rain, fog , Mist or at night. “

The team at Yunnan Pedagogical University, the project’s partner, the panels may represent a “photovoltaic revolution”, a principle used in all solar panels, but the difference of this project is the use of a league called LPP Long persistence), which stores energy during the day and is used to produce the photovoltaic effect at night, allowing it to continue charging the energy.

Of course, only light can be absorbed and transformed into energy, but LPP stores energy and unabsorbed light is close to infrared, according to Professor Tang: “allowing for continuous day and night power generation,” Revolution is evident.
The advances have already been published in scientific journals from the United States and Europe, which highlighted the fall in energy costs, as well as producing “clean”


Touchless beyond IoT

04 Apr

In addition to devices and sensors that allow the Internet of Things (IoT), touchless technology Touchless2predicts that anything touchable can trigger devices and controls in our environment, is the fiction of the 2002 Minority Report, now almost within reach.

In the film John Anderton related to databases through the holographic movement of hands with gestures and clicking on the air choosing elements for interaction.

As we move forward, cloud storage and intelligence linked to the data, sensing through gestures, it will soon be possible to communicate without a keyboard, without a mouse or sensors, just if we have some “wearable” equipment in our body: a clock , A bracelet, or even clothing that has Wifi or Bluetooth communication.

What is missing from the movie Minority Report are the holographic environments, how do we go about triggering them? Still the technology has advanced little in this direction, because they would be thousands of pixels (actually voxels, because they will be volumetric pixels) to be processed.

What is already available are projections on surfaces and cameras that capture the movements on these surfaces where we can touch switch images, and projected virtual control devices and camera captures, the future is there.

They will say that it is more of a barbarity, but as soon as the barbarians are launched they invade the market.

Let’s talk about the technologies that are already available.



The news of Motorola Razr is pitfail

03 Apr

The new model of Motorola Mobile, which had been sold to Google and now is Lenovo, is theMotoG5 Motorola Mobi, in fact it is a model called Motorola Mod.
Among the untrue about the Mod, any was presented in TecMundo, one is that it would have a cover that could also serve as wireless charger, extra battery and an LED giving different colors for the actions actions of the device, another fantasy is that could such Mod Razr , Would have a solar panel and a “walkie-talkie”.
What has actually been a contest including models to reach the market, it is not impossible that has some of the above features, but even if it is called Razr, there will be nothing nostalgic about the model, because technology like novelty.
While we are waiting for some news, we have already posted the Moto G5 models and the results indicate that they are gaining market, of course with specifications are Moto G4 Plus, but many people are still in doubt if it is worth because of the price of this fashion model.